A better World comes from the inside out – self care matters

In a world where
kids carry bulletproof school bags,
while other work twelve plus hours in child labour.
Where it’s easier to get a gun then to have an abortion
and fish are drowning by the plastic in the oceans
cause a lot of someone’s forgot to bring their reusable shopper – again.

It’s almost sounds snobbish to talk about ‘finding your way back into balance’ or making time for self care.

But, it’s NOT.

For a very long time
to long if you ask me
for a very long time
I thought that if
I wanted to save the world
contribute to making it a more loving, truthful and equal place
the only way was by
working and serving and helping Everyone
other than myself.

But I literally lost that battle for goodness.

I lost myself, my energy, my joy and health in it. And while I was feeling totally empty, exhausted and anxious,
I noticed how close I came to the dark.
Everything we want to do
for this world,
for the people we love
and the work we care for;

It starts 💯% with ourselves.

Cause the way we feel,
the energy we hold,
directly effects our relationships, work, parenting, environment and community every day.

The better we take care of our health and spirits first,
the more comfortable and whole we are with our own selves,
the more love and respect we hold for ourselves first,

A better World comes from the inside out.

Finding your way back,
to your own balance
is a great first start.

With love & pleasure,Wenske

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