All that is takes is you

Today I checked my phone more often than I wanted to. It’s a restless waiting for something.

Things are changing. The energy is shifting. And I am letting go and go and go on the most little details, the deepest depths I ever did.

I made ice cream with the kids. Checked my phone. Cleaned the house. Decided on the changes in my offerings. And checked the phone again.

I am preparing for the call of that something. In a slow, steady and sure way.
One breath, one step at the time not knowing where it will take.
The funny thing is, it ís already happening. Just outside the corner of my eyes.

And I know it is not me. You can feel it too. There something that’s moving for you.
Listen to it. Just listen.

Dare to be pure honest to yourself, your life and the world your living in.

It’s time to open up. Cut the crap out of our lives. To make room for our real self’s. Authentic. Pure. Honest. To hold space for the other. Loving. Respectfully. To trust that restless, undetermined feeling that’s calling you for a change.
It can be in the daily life details small. It can be widely effecting big. But there is no holding back. No escape. The change is going to happen, for sure.

Be wise. Be faithful. And be you.
That’s all that it takes.

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

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