Do it when you feel like it – it will make sense after

Sometimes the best you can do, is to follow through.

Even if it doesn’t make any sense to you other than just that subtle hint that signs you to do it.

This has proven to be very true for me lately. And although I don’t quite get it yet – and maybe never will – it’s an approach that I wanted to share with you.

Many times I’ve felt the need to do something; write those specific words, reach out to someone or share that one thing I really felt like sharing – without really understanding why.

Some moments the doubt would creep up and I would step back and let it pass.
Other moments I just pressed send without thinking about it.

And many many times, when I look back on what I wrote and said – or didn’t – the solitary pieces fall together in a way that does make total sense after all.

So here’s the take away for you;

When you feel like doing something, like starting something new, signing up for a class, speak the words you wanna say, move in a certain way or just pause in that exact moment – DO IT.

Do it when it doesn’t make any sense.
Do it when it is against all odds.
Do it when you don’t get the why of it yet.

Do it when you really feel like doing it, only if it is to honor your truth.

Our wisdom reaches beyond what we consciously understand.
We belong to something beautiful and much bigger than only ourselves.

In reflection we will see the insight hidden between the lines, we couldn’t see at the moment it self.

But don’t let the action pass because it isn’t clear for you right now.

Lean in. Trust. Open your heart and mind. Follow through. Explore.

When life challenges you,
when you don’t have any clue,
do the one thing that feels like the best to you,
and let yourself be surprised.

With love & pleasure, Wenske

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