Embrace the monsters, take back your life

The tricky thing with the Social Monster is, that if you don’t feed it every day or more often, you loose the fly-by followers, drop down in any kind of algorithm that’s behind it and will have a hard time getting back in where the spotlight shines.

This triggers the deeply human fears of missing out, staying unseen, falling behind or don’t fit in.

But after three days of narcotic scrolling for something, I felt sorry for myself and decided to take back my life again.

Cause it’s quite sad to live like a zombie, eyes all glued to a screen, while I crave for living a rich full life with fresh air, beauty, human connection, wanderlust, my family, paperbacks and belly laughs.

But still. In those moments when life challenges you, when a situation pushes your buttons. It’s so much easier to duck away and go online to look for some kind of relief or answers. Rather than pause and reflect on yourself, isn’t?

It’s less confronting, to eat, scroll, sleep, love, work, and move through life without actually being truly present and connected with ourselves.

To be able to really get back in charge, I needed to understand what I was trying to ignore here. And that’s where I had to face the Inside Monster.

For a lot of us this is where we feel the stress, anxiety, disappointments, loneliness and dissatisfaction that’s slowly but steadily eating our fun, energy and confidence away.

It’s very uncomfortable to be aware of. But here is the good part though;

You have everything in you to nourish those feelings, embrace the monsters and get shit done without drowning in it.

You’re more resourceful, stronger, wiser and more loved than you think.

You are never alone. Never.

And you only have to move your perspective a little bit, to see that this is true for you too.

The last couple of days I read the books I felt like reading. Wrote in my journal. Unsubscribed from several email-lists. Straighten out our finances – Yes, that’s something that doesn’t sounds like fun, I know. But trust me. If you want to take life back into your own hands, you gotta be clear about where you are, where you want to be and what needs to be done to get there in every aspect of your life. Including those numbers. Otherwise you just will keep running in the same old circles. – And while I noticed how fall gently made his entrance in the late summer days, I slowly unraveled the thoughts and feelings that where disturbing me.

Whenever you feel the Inside Monster restless stirring his tail and you’re about to thoughtlessly zoom out and grab for your phone, the chocolate, that chips, a glass of something – take a deep breath instead.

‘how am I feeling right now?’

‘what is it that I truly need?’

‘how can I help myself to feel better?’

If you want to ditch the daily pressure,

If you want to feel free,

If you want to be yourself in life,

If you want to actually experience joy, fulfillment, ease, beauty and love instead of looking at it on your screen,

then it’s time to reconnect with yourself. Get back in charge by asking those needed questions. And make choices that are based on how you want to feel and live your life every. single. day.

It is all about you, you know that all ready.

But instead of running away from yourself every time, you better embrace your whole being.

The gold you’ll dig up, will all be worth it. So, so worth it.

With love & pleasure, Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This is your moment between the busy to help you feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved in a conscious way.


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