Finding your way back into balance

Navigating through the summer, with the high temperatures, the kid off from school, a husband working from our home office, my own projects, while discovering the grounds of our new home land Canada; it’s interesting. A bit overwhelming maybe. And a constant changing challenge most of the times.

It could make up for the perfect cocktail of chaos that stresses my mind and takes me out of balance. But only if I focused on those ingredients in this story. Cause it’s never about the circumstances for it self that determines how we feel.

It’s all about how we respond to the situation we’re facing that could either break our mood or lift us up.

What I do to stay relaxed is something like this;

First thing in the morning, I connect with myself. I connect with how I feel and from there, with what I need that will allow me to feel the way I want to feel. Whole, joyful, strong, on purpose.

This could mean that I need to take it slow in order to guard my energy for that day. Or maybe I notice a deep craving for being in the nature. Even with a busy schedule there a ways to slip in some green space during lunch break or an afternoon walk.

Only when it’s clear to me what my own priority is – I always bring it down to one or two to keep it clear and doable – I tune in with what’s important for my family and how I can contribute to making this another great day for us together.

We’re so much focused on finding our clarity, ease and joy outside ourselves, that we go by the gold that’s right here and within our self.

When noises clutters your mind, listen deeper to the thoughts of your heart – hear your true meaning.

When you find yourself lost of track, place your eyes on what you do want to see – follow your own way of living.

Whenever life takes you out of balance, reconnect with yourself – be your own centre.

Because you are your own centre. And when you firmly connect with that position in your life, everything will probably stay the same – but you will experience it totally differently.

You’re in charge my love, in any situation you are.

With love & pleasure, Wenske

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This is your moment between the busy to help you feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved in a conscious way.


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