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Grounding in your grandness

Embodied life design guidance for the love of life and self.

You don’t have to become fearless to trust your wisdom and live life the way your heart yearns for.

You didn’t pick the easy way, did you?

Daring to believe, to choose love, and willing to shine your light on places where others don’t even want to look. Highly sensitive, aware, and caring a lot.

The last couple of years has been both a confirmation as well as a punch in the gut. You are making up the balance of what this means, for you.

There is a truth running through your veins whispering of connection, ease, magic, and empathy that you long for to become your everyday reality.

Can you feel what it means to fully ground in your grandness, to lean into it with every breath, and navigate life from that trust?

‘Cause that is what my guidance is all about.

Real about your needs

You want insights that integrate with you, and not get overthrown with some fluff or a new method to learn.

I’m not here to teach you anything new or urge you to let go of the old. My purpose is to help you remember what you need to feel clear and confident and how to make sense of life. It’s a way of thinking that will continue to be useful long after our conversation has ended.

Honour your preferences

You don’t have to get out of your own way. It’s fully stepping into your way that will give you the clarity of direction you’re looking for.

Together we connect the dots between your longings and recover the truth they have to offer you.

Follow your rhythm

There’s a rhythm to your energy. Following that is key to your strength, focus, and sovereignty. You don’t fit into the structure of an x-months program.

I offer the flexibility to sit with me once, or multiple times allowing you to receive my guidance at the pace that works for you.

There are many approaches to how to live a healthy, meaningful, and satisfying life. But there is only one that is yours.

Embodied life design is about reconnecting you with your values, dreams, priorities, and everyday life in a way that is and supports the whole complexity of you.

You will trust your wisdom unconditionally. You’ll know freedom in your mind, heart, and doing. And feel connected with yourself, your truth, your people, and life on this beautiful planet.

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The Foundation session

60-90 minutes • your choice of phone or video call • $140 / €120

Remember who you are, to see your best way forward.

The Foundation session holds the potency to untangle the potpourri of thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing now and get your feet on solid ground again. It’ll strengthen your energetic integrity and reconnect you with your innate wisdom and truth.

It gives you the fundamentals to • ground in the grandness of all that you are • be open to life’s magic • and navigate it with renewed trust and direction.

After this one-time session, you’re set to continue on your own. By request, we can discuss a follow-up of my guidance to deepen your embodiment practice and/or address questions.

I am Wenske, life coach, embodied life coaching

I am Wenske

For over nine years, I’ve been working with the embodied wisdom of our fundamental needs, personal preferences, and energetic rhythm and waving them together to support my clients’ well-being in both business and life.

I pull information out of the space around us and use this like energetic puzzle pieces that make your words and ways click into your unique approach for grounded freedom.

My work is based on the principles of embodiment, life design thinking, holistic life coaching, and lived experience.

I hope to show you that trusting life and allowing oneself to be just a bit more open to it is not only remarkably freeing – it’s also satisfying in a way you haven’t known before. 

People seek me out for my opinion and advice on spiritual growth, business strategy, and the very practical matters of everyday life. They value my presence and sense of tone and form. It creates a change in the way they see and experience their situation, creating awareness of opportunities they hadn’t noticed before and confidence in their power of choice.

From drifting in nagging doubt to grounding in your grandness.

The results you might expect from working with me:

You have a clear understanding of who you are and what truly matters to you.

You are connected to your body and intuition and recognize its guidance.

You have made a subtle but sure shift from fighting the ‘lesser’ parts of you to an appreciation for their meaning to the whole of you.

You have a well-rounded acceptance of all that you are and a grounded trust in your ability to navigate this life that’s uniquely yours to explore, enjoy, and live.

You dare to show up as yourself, unconditionally and let life unfold itself before your feet knowing you hold the power of choice to change course at any moment.

“Wenske has a special gift to create clarity and insight in a striking way. Her approach is very pleasant, spiritually efficient, and with target questions.”

~ Iris

“Wenske is a calm person who is able to set a pleasant and safe atmosphere that will make you feel trusted. She takes the time to get to the core.”

~ Maaike

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