How to be okay even when you don’t feel it

It’s easy to feel okay

when the sun is shining warm

the roses are smelling full

and the dark nights are lighted by a full moon accompanied

by flickering white stars on a sky painted in indigo blue.

It’s easy to feel happy

when my fridge is filled

with exactly the healthy foods I wanted to eat

when our kid is doing well at school

and his cheeks are blossomed healthy pink from playing in fresh air.

It’s easy to feel happy when happiness meets me right where I am.

But what about those grey days?

When the roses has shriveled

their smell only history

and the nights became nothing but dark and cold?

Those days where I ad up the groceries to stay on budget

our kid is glued to the screen of a horrible video game

and I feel I’ve failed in so many ways?

What about those days where nobody seems to talk about?

Where the darkness weights to heavy on my shoulders

and I see nothing but a greyish wall blocking a vision I once so clearly had?

How can I nourish love and understanding, when inside of me a voice is screaming to turn the fuck off that tv?

How can I keep my trust

can I keep breathing

can I stay fully present

without knowing, without sight, without even a spark brighten my inside?

By holding on to the believe

that behind this curtain of grey fog

there still is Light

there still is Meaning

there still is Beauty.

Like the sun rises everyday.

And that I,

that you beautiful human being,

that we will be okay

because we are okay,

in our own wonderful, complex, imperfect and unique ways.

With love,

Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This audio is your moment between the busy that helps you to feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved in a way that’s most true to you.


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