How to feel it all without drowning

Feeling lost, broken, anxious and rushed by everything that’s going on in your life? You don’t need to toughen up. Hustle a bit harder. Or kick your own butt. You’re probably doing way to much already. Only without does few essentials in place that would make it really work out.

I remember exactly when the lights went out

That moment when I felt myself slip into this deep darkness of total exhausting. Warm and comfortable. I couldn’t resist it, couldn’t fight it or hustle my way around it anymore. Something bigger took over. The heavy and pitch black dark of my burnout. I don’t remember how I made my way back home from work.

Healing to me didn’t mean building a thicker wall. Or creating a strictly lifestyle. Managing the fun out of everything. Nor turning up my light to out shine the darkness.

It meant learning to feel everything, see everything and sense everything that’s in this life – without holding on to it all.

It also meant learning to notice my own fundamental needs and creating ways to care for myself in any given situation.

I’m still super sensitive to what’s going on. Will work my butt of for what matters to me. And I still care about the whole world.

I still take it all in

But it’s more like breathing now.
Breathing in; transforming the oxygen into fuel
Breathing out; using the fuel for conscious action.

It all starts with you

  • Get real about your needs
  • Move with your energy rhythm and not against it
  • Do things in a way you wanna do it
  • Use your power of choice wisely

Living your life the way that’s most true to you will support your overall well-being. It will deepen your joy, build your strength and confidence and will help you to show up in life more clearly, with more love in your heart.

More beautiful;

you don’t need to follow any rules – you’re free in designing them yourself

With love,

Remember Baywatch? This is your moment to by a life guard – throw this insight out to someone you know is struggling to keep her head above water;

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