How to see the gold

Can you see the gold in the foggy gray?
Cause it’s got nothing to do with luck. And everything with your own choice of perspective.

Maybe you’re trying to get up with things and work your ass off to get it all done. Before you can have some time, some tea, some pleasure for yourself… But it doesn’t work that way, right? To-do’s are a never ending story. And if you strive for perfect, things will be never OK enough to really enjoy that moment you desire.

Unless you see the gold in the middle of it all.

Maybe it’s one finished task. Or the beauty of the dust dancing in sunlight. A homemade meal. Kids playing together. That one song on the radio. The smell of flowers. A smile, a call, a simple gesture, a thoughtful detail. The beautiful silence of nothingness.

The circumstances don’t need to change to find the gold. Only you can switch your perspective a bit, lower your expectations about yourself to find your peace and feel it’s pretty much okay to have that moment and drink your well deserved cup of tea

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This is your moment between the busy to help you feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved in a conscious way.


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