I am me in a world that asks us to be so much else

What if reconnecting with yourself makes you feel … a bit weird?

Like that you suddenly – finally! – realize that your needs are a bit different then your colleagues, your girlfriends, your family. That you’re not a morning person after all or – for goodness’ sake – you dare to admit that you don’t like the taste of those healthy smoothies, the rush you get from the uplifting gym classes.

What if this profound connection with yourself, your true self, also asks you to get honestly real about your life?

Real life is messy, it’s blurry and never perfect in the way most of the media or influencers shows us. I have had enough of the picture perfect falseness. It’s sucking all the fun and energy out of me.

I like the real version of everything in life.

I love the realness of home made meals. I appreciate real tears, and laughter, and fresh air. And I bow for the bravery when you are your real authentic self.

That’s why my website or Insta grid is far from nicely styled, without the well thought picture – quote – colour blocking or matching HD pic’s out of an arranged photo shoot.

I want to be honest with you every where we meet. ‘Cause real life ís messy, blurry and freaking great in her imperfect way. I am for sure. And so are probably you.

It causes a lot of pain and frustration to be anything else then who we really are. To act different, look different or try to feel different then your true self takes all the energy and confidence out of you. It can make you feel stressed, anxious and can even causes a depression.

So here I am.

Giving the middle finger to the bullshit crap that says we have to be more like this, do more like that and should stop with the other to become happier, healthier or more successful in any kind of way.

It doesn’t work like that. We tried it, like really hard. And we felt totally dumb by failing on it. It’s screwing us up and over! Can I give the finger to that?!

What we really need is to reconnect with ourselves. To blindly trust our inner wisdom. Be close to our personal energy. And to carefully listen to what our body and spirit needs. So we can have the most real, pure feeling of satisfaction, wholeness and fulfillment in our lives.

Get your head out of your phone. Step out of the mainstream. Look around what’s there for you.

Who gives a sh*t if that makes you “different” when you’re the one enjoying the beauty of her life?

That’s what I’m here for most. To help you design your daily life in a way you can be your fun, wise and loving self again.

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This guide is your moment between the busy to help you to feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved.


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