Isn’t it interesting how life brings you to the right place? Without being able to track down the steps that lead you there?

Great you’re here!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about this place and what’s in it for you.

I created by Wenske for you; a heart driven woman who wants to do good, but feels it’s a daily struggle to stay relaxed and authentically grounded in the turbulence of her life.

I’m a life designer, empowerment coach, mamma, stubborn believer in the good dedicated to helping you leave that exhausting battle field behind you and enjoy your beautiful life your way – for ever. If you’re curious, you can read more about me on my about page. But I would like to continue with a bold statement;

No matter the circumstances,

there is always a way to release the weight of your shoulders and let your days be more of ease.

I’m here to help you find that; your most personal and true life design. So you can be your strong, wise and loving self again. And bring that unique energy forward in your parenting, work, relationships and into this world. The magical, impactful ripple effect.

In my letters and the library you will find encouraging, real and enjoyable stories meant to spark your own wisdom, self-agency and courage to do what feels best to you.

Inspiration is a great way to get you started. But we both know that sometimes we forget what did work so great for us, right?

My empowering art gives you a beautiful and practical daily reminder that encourages you to really do enjoy those moments for your self. Place them wherever you will see it frequently and you won’t forget to check in with yourself first, before you start doing good for the world!

Over the years, I’m amazed by lots of women who tell me that my work has changed their days from trying to perfectly manage it all  into embracing the waves and actual enjoy living it.

It starts with Reconnecting with your own needs to Recharge your energy, pleasure and feeling of fulfillment.

Because it’s never really about the circumstances and all about how you approach and handle them, right?

It really all start with you.

With love & pleasure,


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