It’s behind boredom you’ll find more

I hope you’re home and feeling bored like shit. Cause that boredom means you’re in the very lucky position to do nothing in the midst of a storm sweeping societies of their feet.

Yeah, you’re being thrown back and forth between hope and fear and restlessness.
Yeah, you worry if you’re doing enough and doing it right as parent, employee, home teacher, entrepreneur, wife, daughter and – well – all the roles you try to cover here.

Only behind that itchy feeling, there’s something more important waiting for you to get to.

I’m not hinting at your awakening in whatever new level of the world that’s out there.
I’m talking about the world that’s with in yourself. The true you.

Being apart from family and friends we’ve got very creative in finding ways to connect with each other. Ways to get your mind out of the house for a bit. Ways to be with anyone, anywhere, anything but yourself.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re wired for social connections. It’s one of our six fundamental needs to love and feel loved. We need it to physically, mentally and spiritually be well and stay sane. Especially when our reality has become more challenging and uncertain. But there’s a big but here. No virtual connection or real life relationship for that matter, will ever be enough to fill the void of you not loving yourself.

Are you zooming out (see what I did here?) because it is a pleasant way to check in and be with the ones you love? Great.
But if it is a way to escape from reconnecting with yourself and being with all the parts you don’t like? Then reconsider your approach again.

We flee boredom as it feels so useless. And our egos values productivity so highly.
But we fear it even more exactly as it confront us with our deepest selves.

All those dreams and wisdom, needs and desires we’ve put away there unfulfilled. Because they’re to different, useless, difficult or seemingly out of your league. Because someone once or more told you not to proceed and better try your best to fit in with whatever the norm.

I remember myself as a kid, staring out of the living-room window with an empty mind, being with the warmth and comfort of the moment, seeing nothing and everything at the same time. A original form of meditation.

It’s when you dare to go behind the boredom and the judgmental voices, that you’ll discover there is so much more for and in you to enjoy.

Until now, being with your own company longer than you ever did so closely, you finally have all the time and space to listen to that nagging feeling telling you to stop fighting and hiding yourself. And to reconnect with all that you truly are.

To start making those long wished changes. To step up for yourself. And to bring the real interesting complex, beautiful messy, lovingly strong, wisely creative, to much, to sensitive, to funny YOU back into the game.

The people you love, this world – we need all of you, now and for what’s after this. Cause that’s the simple profound and only way you’re the best in everything you do.

What do you need to become friends with your whole self again?

That’s a great question to explore in times like now.

I’m rooting for you!

With love,

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