It’s time to choose for alignment with yourself

I sank in the warm water of a bath last night. And for the first few minutes it was all very uncomfortable and it made me question the whole process of filling a bath with precious water only to sit in it for four minutes. But after I finally did settle in it, the silence returned and I felt in every nerve how much I needed this heavy wrap of warm water around me to relax into a deepening calm.

I rarely take a bath.
I never wrote about the experience of taking a bath before.
But here we are, here we are.

Where are we going with this, you might wonder? I don’t know – who does these days? And that’s exactly my point.

Alice asked the Cheshire Cat where to go from here. And he responded that it depends on where you want to go. “I don’t much care where,” Alice says. “Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.”

This story isn’t about knowing what your purpose or destination is. It’s about knowing what you care for and stepping in alignment with it.

When everything is changing and unsure, the only certainty there’s, is you.

Despite it was different from my normal self-care routines, I felt the need to take a bath and it did help me to feel better. I could have redirected my desire for a warm bath into something I usually do to unwind like reading a book but – why? Why should we adjust to what’s familiar as everything is calling us to dive in and explore the unknown?

It’s now, more than ever, that we’ve to care for our body and her fundamental needs to nourish our sanity, health and well-being.

And it’s now that we’ve to care about the wisdom of our inner truth. As its there where we find the directions to navigate life in a way that’s so close to ourselves it might as well feel like it’s meant to be – without having any clue about the meaning or destination.

  • What is it your really care for that shows you your way around down here?

You might want to shake of your assumptions about tomorrow. Of everything you hold against yourself and all the things others have projected on you. You’ve out grown the paint by numbers game already.

It’s time to choose for alignment with yourself and trust the process as it unfolds into living life by your own design.

With love,

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