KISS it and a morning ritual for ease

It’s been challenging times for all of us. Knowing that this will continue to be so for a while, I’ve been thinking and experimenting with different ways that can help us to make the best out of what’s here right now. And I keep circling back to the most essential basics.

Get crystal clear about what you care for, then know it all starts with you.

I know you care a lot and it can overwhelm you with worries. But you can’t save the world, have patience with your kids, do the best for your work, love your lover – if you’re not there for yourself first, running around, trying to do it all.

First; get crystal clear about what you care for. What’s really important to you?

Second; know it all starts with you. Be real about your needs. Move with your energy rhythm and not against it. Do things in a way you wanna do it. Use your power of choice wisely. Cause the better you feel, the more easier it becomes to show up as your most loving, fun and wise self. And we really could use that right now.

Than; KISS it. Keep It Simple and Slow.

It’s an acronym I’ve learned from my branding/marketing advisor back in the Netherlands that originally says to keep it simple and stupid. Only I’m not here to serve stupid and you probably could use the slow part much better.

This is how it comes together in a morning ritual for ease;

Every morning, pick ONE thing you want to do for yourself, your family, you (art) work to make the best out of today. Ask yourself what you need to make this happen. Keep it Simple and Slow. Write it down and tell your family members about your plans for that day. These are your three things for today. The rest is either distracting noise or wonderful extra’s.

This simple morning ritual will take you less than 10 minutes. But it will help shift your focus from trying to do it all (=overwhelm and stress) into feeling you actually do got it (= ease and confidence).

Giving you a feeling of fulfillment and relieve. Muting the chaos to recognize the beauty and possibilities that are right here with you.

Just KISS it, to find out that the frog is a prince after all.

With love,

A virtual kiss is still allowed – Press forward and share the love;

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