Running out of energy? This is what you want to know

Our energy isn’t a straight line, as society would like to suggest. It comes and goes, in high and lows.

You’ll discover a game changing new ease when you learn to play with your own rhythm.

To use it wisely when it bubbles. Not to over do it, but invest it steady towards what really matters. And then to lean back when it’s time to rest. Not to push it, but to trust and feel fulfillment for what’s already done.

Yes, your energy is deeply influenced by so many things.
Yes, your sensitive for the moon, those unspoken words, the news, a song.
And yes, it may seem that there’s often less energy than more.

But it only becomes a weakness when you fight yourself on it. You really have that power of choice.

Stay close with your rhythm, follow her lead.
Be real about your needs.
Don’t waste your energy on what doesn’t support your vision.

You won’t run out of energy if you recharge on time.

Until it finally ends of course. Nothing we can do about that.

With love,

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