The calling underneath your tiredness

With your always thinking brain, a busy life, big, caring heart and intuitive senses, fatigue is no stranger to you. But lately you’re experiencing a new kind of exhausting.

You’re tired to the deepest layers of your cells.

Some moments your energy turns paper thin and your strength goes all shaky.

It’s an all presence tiredness you normally only feel after an emotional outburst, that currently seems to stick around for longer.

You’ve faced some challenging weeks that could explain this. Went through changes that definitely triggered your system. But where normally a couple of good night sleeps would help you recharge your energy, you now sense you need more.

You long for thin sliced well cooked beef and chicken broth, although you’re mostly vegan.

You know to be more conscious about what information you consume; the show you like to watch for pleasure, now creates echoes of repeating scenes that occupies your head.

You’re taking things slower and provide yourself with the extra supplements of self-care.

But it goes deeper than this, doesn’t it?

While you’re gentle on yourself, clear out the things that don’t serve you anymore, you also feel called to build your inner and physical strength.

You feel a change in the deepest layers of your being, your energy is shifting.

You’re preparing yourself for something that is coming.

Something new, something you haven’t done before and something you yet can’t see clearly. Something you’ll be ready for, if you pay close attention to the subtle signs of your body and spirit.

The – free – Reconnect to Recharge audio guide can help you skip the noise and outer chaos, to discover what it truly is that will help you feel better; stronger, energized, loved, balanced, clear.

Supporting you in your self-care.

In the meanwhile – lean into it. Feel the feelings. Trust your intuition. Breathe. Write. Sleep. Hydrate. Walk in nature. Do what ever feels most true for you right now. And be as much compassionate and loving for yourself as if you where your own baby.

You will be ready by the time it’s there.

With love & pleasure, Wenske

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This audio is your moment between the busy that helps you to feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved in a way that’s most true to you.


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