The low after the high in your flow

Some days I wake up feeling… mwah. Like; I wanna stay in bed binge-watch whatever, drink tea and eat chips. But. Duty is calling. And yes, I answer my responsibility.

It’s those days where the guilt easily slips in. The I should be/do more, lesser, better thoughts play on repeat in your tired head. And the questioning. ‘Cause I wanna know what the heck made me feel this way.

First; pushing, forcing or blaming yourself won’t make you feel any better. Been there, done that. Second; wondering is always a good approach.

Sometimes it’s just this. A foggy day in a bright week. Like rain in the summer.

When you touch base. Return to where you left. Doesn’t mean you’re out the flow of have failed.

The Sun comes up and goes under. Everyday around the same grade. And still she never looks the same as she did that day before.

Life moves in cycles. There is some kind of repeat in the lessons we learn. And every time we get to that point where you feel you have been there, done that before? There is a new wisdom to be found underneath the well known.

I gently shift my system into ON, taking it all slow and easy. Stick to only what’s really a priority for today. Drink my tea and breath.

You’re not down and out. Your in the middle of it all. In the rhythm of your life. And this part is the low after the high in your flow.

Tonight I watch Netflix, eat the chips, stay up later then I should. And tomorrow I feel better because I took care of myself the best I could.

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge

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