The natural wisdom of your body

In a mind based society we easily forget our physical body. Even on our spiritual journey and path of personal growth, trying to become our “better self’s” while also getting all of our daily tasks done – we run by at the fact that our mind, will and spirit are seated in this body we’re born in.

Yes, you do your yoga, work out and pay attention to what you eat. But mostly it’s just one of the things on a list of healthy habits to do. A conscious, but mind based act.

How often do you check in with yourself first to feel what nourishment or practice your body prefers at that exact moment? How often do you ask your body what she needs to maintain your energy, focus, health and strength? All of which you need to be able to realize your dreams, do the work and keep going in a fun and easy way.

I mean, have you ever tried to get your administration done quickly, while your body was feeling tired and hungry? You can meditate and do your breath work all the way. But it won’t get any better till you had a proper meal and some time out on your sofa.

Everything you do, starts from you. And the outcome of what you do, is the reflection of the energy, pleasure, love and balance you held in yourself during that particular task, meeting or moment.

So, how are you doing?

Like really, how are you doing underneath the surface of “busy!” “not to bad” and “fine, thank you”?

Your body knows in a way that goes beyond knowledge but with a natural wisdom that have kept us alive for century’s. Just like she knows how to grow your hair, make love, enjoy the best food and keep your heart beating…

The answer to this simple question, is the beginning of designing a life that’s deeply authentic, freeing and fully supportive to you.

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

This audio guide is your moment between the busy to reconnect with yourself and help you to feel better; relaxed, fulfilled, joyful, loved.


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