The one real question to reflect on

As the end of a year comes closer, we receive a lot of invitations for reflection in our mailboxes and timelines. And for many years I too shared a beautiful designed printable called Ooh my to help you reflect on all the good things, learn from the lessons and define what to let go of and what to bring into the new year.

There are two step in these end of the year reflections; the looking back on the last twelve months followed by the looking forward in the time that’s coming. But lately I started to realize there’s missing an essential part in this approach.

The Here and Now of your Presence

You & here. That’s basically all that really matters. It’s impossible to change our past and our future is mostly out of our control. Trying to do manage them will dim the creating light of life itself. It limits us to only one certain way to follow and discard all the other qualities and possibilities we hold inside our reach. But we do have the here and now.

It’s in the presence where we – subconsciously – decide how we want to live with the experience from our past. And it’s here where we decide with what intention, mindset or feeling we step forward in our future.

The past has undeniable shaped us to how we are today. All what you have experienced; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, those stories echo in your whole being. They resonate with the world around you, with your day to day live and in that way, they create the sound of your nearby future.

The question is not how terrible or terrific your past has been. The question is what story do you hold about the experiences you’ve lived.

It’s never about the circumstance itself and all about how we respond to them.

  • How do you feel right here and now in this present moment?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What’s the story you tell about this year that’s ending?
  • Does this serve you in the way you want to feel?

We can’t control the weather, the level of cooperation from our kids or the traffic on our way home. But there is a world full of possibilities in how we approach these situations and how we feel about them. I don’t mean we need to strive to feel good all the time. ‘Cause we know that will keep us trapped in the damn hamster wheel for ever.

This is about being okay even when you don’t feel like it. About seeing the gold in situations that challenges us. And about allowing ourselves to take the freedom to feel, to be, to live and create the way that feels best to us.

Life is a constant changing flow of demolition and creation that doesn’t end or start when a year passes.

What is it you need to feel the way you want to feel in every direction life takes you?

That’s the one real question for our reflections. And the personal insights we receive from it will allow us to design more of the strength, creativity, joy, freedom, love and courage in our lives we’re looking for.

The rest is only a way to keep our minds occupied.

With love,

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