The truth about our health is simpler than we think

I’m writing this in bed with my laptop on my lap at 12pm on something that should be an ordinary Wednesday but isn’t like any other Wednesday before. Closely next to my side I feel the warmth of our sleeping son. He’s here, he’s breathing and he’s going to be all right. I couldn’t feel more of a grateful relief for his health than right now. We just experienced some interesting hours together, visiting the ER for something called lymphangitis we luckily caught on time. You should Google it; knowledge of this is a life saver.

And once again, like so many times before waiting in an emergency room (I’m not sure why, but we’re quite experienced visiting hospitals in my family), I realized how important it is to take the signs of our body serious. Like really bloody serious.

And once again I had to concluded that so often we’re to busy to notice our bodies. Or we’re so focused on the concept of health that we forget to verify what it actually means to our self. And many of us do their utterly best to be mindful and spiritual healthy but bypass the fact that our spirit is seated in our physical body.

Without our body, we’re spirits, energy, thoughts, memories but nothing tangible in this existing world.

So once again, I would take this stages to repeat; the physical needs of your body are fundamental for your health, your wellbeing and in that way; for everything you do and care for.

It’s impossible to reach a state of relaxed, grateful presence, living in health and authenticity, if your not deeply connected with your bodily being and haven’t honored your physical needs first.

It deeply upsets me to know so many don’t feel comfortable with their own being. So many are struggling with their energy and health. Forcing their selves into another diet, another routine based on what’s called to be the new ‘healthy’ by some kind of guru, marketeer or influencer. And then go numb in drinking, binge watching until too late in the night, scrolling on insta and taking the pills only to not feel miserable and totally left behind cause the promising quick fix didn’t work after all.

The truth about our health is in the beginning so much simpler than we think.

Your body makes it possible to be here on this beautiful Earth. To experience your experiences, to feel, to learn, to love, to hold and share. She is the instrument your spirit uses to communicate with you. She is where your instincts speaks to you. And she holds your most precious rhythm; the beat of your heart. Your body is literately everything for you and this is where your health starts!

The only thing we need to do is to hold her, love her, nourish her and absolutely listen to her and trust her more. The rashes on your skin, that returning headache, the muscles that are sore or the stomach pain that comes and goes; they’re nudges from your body to let you know; go slow my love, eat something more green tonight, this job isn’t right for you anymore…
It’s like the goosebumps you get in a moment that speaks to you. Only with this being more subtle signs you have to listen a bit more careful for to hear what they mean to you.

Your body is one of a kind as there is only one of you.

But she holds information from generations before and knows beyond knowledge so much more. Your body is wise and she is here to take care of you. All she asks from you is to fulfill the needs to eat and sleep well, feel loved, breath fresh air, move enough and get hydrated on time so she can do her work and keep you well. So please, stop ignoring her or fighting her.

Your body ìs you. And she deserves more of your trust and acknowledgement for keeping you alive so awesomely!

With love & pleasure, Wenske

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Reconnect to Recharge, audio, by Wenske

Reconnect to Recharge

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