Trusting the process – it will work out like wonder

The clouds came down
to kiss the light
in the reflection of the water

The little waves
giggly tumbled
as they washed on the shore

and my feet
left traces in the sand
where the water meets

the earth between my toes
the sun in my eyes
the wind in my hair
didn’t ask
didn’t mind
didn’t withhold
in their presence

Unconditionally including me in it all.

You know those moments when all your little dreams, visions and wishes suddenly come together in a wave of mesmerizing wonder?

I’m standing in the middle of it as it just happened. Seeing it, feeling it, taking it all in on a early morning walk on an extra day off. Here meets the beautiful nothingness with the grateful everything at the same time. Right in front of me. Right in my flesh, bones, being.

There is no need to worry. No need to push or work harder, to be better first.

It will happen.

It does happen all the time! That project you’re struggling with, an idea you can’t get your head around, the vision you don’t see coming true; it will work out.

We only need to slow down a bit more. Pay attention to the little details that are already here. Listen to the whispering underneath the noise inside our mind. Be unconditionally true about our own truth; that what really matters to you – whatever that is for you. And trust the process as it unfolds.

Eventually everything will work out. It may be not in the way you planned. But always so much more. And you are an unmistakable part of the process and the result of it all.

With love & pleasure, Wenske

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