We can only experience life’s magic, to the degree we show up for it.

Only we question our competence and hold ourselves back out of fear of what might happen when we let life fully come in.

But you long for it. For the realness of it, the expansion and satisfaction you can feel waiting behind the resistance.

And I am here to help you get it.

Wenske Pasman, mother, embodiment coach, embodied life design, Ottawa

I am


I grew up in the Netherlands as a true free-range kid believing made-up languages between sisters and one’s willpower was the only things needed to make it in life. It’s been a bumpy ride getting to where I am today learning to distinguish my path from the road deemed socially acceptable.

I’m trained as a Holistic Life Coach, have completed modalities in spirit coaching, energy work, and somatic healing, and wrote the Dutch self-help book Jouw Leefstijl Formule (Your Lifestyle Formula), published by Edicola in 2016.

By the time word was going around I was the one to work with to get you from trying to manage life to actually enjoy living it, I packed up in early 2019 to move to Ottawa, Canada with my husband, son, and dog, on nothing more than a long-held wish and a soft calling.

And that’s what I do.

I feel into the full spectrum of life to navigate its complexity and explore its paradoxical beauty all from the truth of being myself.

It’s definitely not the most conventional way but it’s how I feel the most alive.

About Wenske Pasman embodied life design by Wenske

Our body is a natural force of life and healing. Our spirit is inventive and wise beyond knowledge. Our sensitivity is our natural state of being. It’s a life skill essential for navigating our way. Our brain can’t make sense of what matters to our heart; our body holds true wisdom.

Everything I share is meant to lead you back to yourself; to reconnect you with that inner guidance to walk your own path in a way that’s so close to yourself it totally makes sense – without needing to understand its meaning.

You are

I work best with deep-feeling folk who want to do good for this world and now have the urgent question of how to make things better for themselves.

The creatives, healers, caregivers, and teachers that so often get sought out for their support and advice. Bridgers who connect past and present with ways towards a more beautiful and inclusive future.

Your story is one of resilience and overcoming.

You were the kid that was bravely hopeful and naturally intuitive with a vision of fairness in their eyes and the promise of better in their heart. You had to grow up quickly.

Your conscious awareness is exactly what defines you. It’s what drives you and breaks your heart in sharp pieces of hope and despair all at once.

The words that sing in your soul, the things only you seem to notice, the wisdom you know without official study – these are unique skills and gifts that only you can offer. And still, you struggle to fully trust yourself.

Secretly, you’re an angel who gave up her wings to come down here and do something good for this place. And although that drive is very persistent, you sometimes struggle with the gravity of your own humanity.

You prefer to do things on your own.

But now you long to sit with someone, to share your fears and desires, and be seen while you deepen your connection with your intuition and step forward in honouring your heart’s directions.

Your desire for better, for more than just regular, isn’t selfish. It’s what you’re here for.

▲ ▼ ▲

The Foundation session

60-90 minutes • your choice of phone or video call • $140 / €120

Remember who you are, to see your best way forward.

The Foundation session holds the potency to untangle the potpourri of thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing now and get your feet on solid ground again. It’ll strengthen your energetic integrity and reconnect you with your innate wisdom and truth.

It gives you the fundamentals to • ground in the grandness of all that you are • be open to life’s magic • and navigate it with renewed trust and direction.

After this one-time session, you’re set to continue on your own. By request, we can discuss a follow-up of my guidance to deepen your embodiment practice and/or address questions.

“Wenske has a special gift to create clarity and insight in a striking way. Her approach is very pleasant, spiritually efficient, and with target questions.”

~ Iris

“Wenske is a sparkling woman, who offers a total package of coaching and support. She is enthusiastic and has a great feeling of understanding. Is honest and sincere. Contact with Wenske is definitely recommended!”

~ Jelien

“There are people who hear you, but there are also people who listen. Wenske, you are that someone that listens and that is the part which will help.”

~ Martien

“I’ve rarely seen such purity and empathy and yet professional approach as when I met Wenske. I thought that was really special. I think, no matter what problem or topic, you can share it with her. In a short time, Wenske can get to the core and provide tips and tools that really will help.”

~ Nettie

“I was constantly struggling with myself. I didn’t have patients with my kids, was very unsociable, and felt terribly unhappy with myself. I knew that it couldn’t go on like this any longer. But I also didn’t know how to change it for the better. My luck was that I came across Wenske, and because of my contact with her my eyes opened. Now a few months later I feel so much better. When I think back to that time, I am so thrilled that Wenske came on my path. She opened my eyes, I got to understand where I was standing in my life and she showed me the way that changed the struggle for good.”

~ Milou

“When I met Wenske, I had trouble combining all the different roles (wife, mother, colleague, entrepreneur, girlfriend) in my life, feeling that what I did was never (good) enough. With Wenske, I learned to understand that I have to listen to my body and needs and how I could get in contact with myself again. As a result, I’ve become more balanced, I recognize my body’s signals sooner and I know how to let go of things much easier. Wenske is a calm person who is able to set a pleasant and safe atmosphere that will make you feel trusted. She takes the time to get to the core.”

~ Maaike

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