You can be your own hero. This is how

Image the scene in an action movie;
bad guy on one side,
good womxn at the other,
crowd in between unaware of that bomb or virus about to ruin their party. But as soon as the mass becomes aware of the threatening danger, they panic in fear. They stop thinking and instead start looking for guidance and rescue from any person but themselves.

The good womxn feels that same fear too. But she sticks with it, takes a position from where she can oversee what’s going on and is able to make clear decisions to -obviously- save the world.

Same circumstance, totally different effect on how someone feels and response. It’s the power of choice and a clear understanding of self-agency that turns you from follower into a leader.

You can be your own hero in any story.

Step away from the crowd. Physical distance yourself from all the noise and clutter.
Don’t run away from your fears, but feel them.
Write them out in your journal.
Dance, move and reconnect with your body.

Go inwards, go deeper and stay there.

You will find a clarity, wisdom and ease you’ve never knew before. Giving you the confidence to do the right thing in an action movie or your real life challenges.

Remember, no hero is perfect. Nobody is. But if you own your scars, experiences and feelings – you stop fighting against yourself and instead find yourself capable of handling the most complicated situations.

With love,

Share the encouragement with your hero friends;

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