You don’t need to know the ending to live your own story

One year ago we made the leap and landed in this open field of possibilities.

An opportunity to make new decisions on how we wanted to live, where we buy our groceries, which contracts to sign up for and with whom. It was literally a change to reexamine all those little daily routines that had shaped our normal and hold them against our values.

It brought us many things. Not in the big ‘look at our amazing new house on this fantastic lake’ kind of way. We’re working on that house meets lake situation though. But in the subtle dynamics of how we see each other and our family, in our confidence and consciousness, in how we see ourselves and in where we stand for in a world that’s burning and flooded and undeniable impacted by our being and doing.

Our son noticed last week, looking at the high glass office towers as we drove through downtown Ottawa;

“Isn’t amazing that the Earth actually can carry the weight of those buildings?

And it is, it truly is. But we all know that the question is for how long.

I’m still in this open field of opportunities. I didn’t continue my coaching business as I had aimed for before our move. It’s a returning challenge to me as we’re so used to define ourselves by what we do for a living.

But I acknowledge it as a great opportunity to make myself more comfortable with the unknown. To not take direction by my mind and rather lean back in lives arms and follow the lead that is does show me.

You don’t need to know the ending to live your own story

You don’t need a label or title to know who you really are. Your story starts with writing down those first words, taking the first steps in the direction that feels the most It to you. Don’t hold back on joining it till you understand where its going. Cause that way you’ll definitely miss out on a great journey.

If we can move beyond the fear that we’re not good enough. That we’re not capable because we don’t fit in the box of how it’s supposed to be. I can now tell you that life is so much more exciting and interesting. And that you become so much more creative and free in living it confidently.

It’s quit cool. And although the monster of insecurity and guilt still slaps me in the face now and then, I know how to stand up again, look it in the eyes and tell it to bugger of ’cause I have better things to enjoy.

I am living my own story. And you got everything you need to go for it too.

With love,

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Reconnect to Recharge

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